The trial lesson in the language school GermanPapa is a great opportunity to evaluate the prospect of online learning and get an answer to the main question: will learning German online be effective?

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Learning formats

Online individual lessons

The most effective format for those who value every minute. Since there is no need to waste time on the road, and the whole lesson is dedicated to one student. Extremely flexible schedule, including adaptation to rolling schedules. The program is designed individually for each student to help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

How classes are held at GermanPapa

1 on 1

lesson with a teacher

50 minute


Recommended intensity

2-3 times per week

Speaker teacher

Local or native

From $11

per lesson

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Why German courses online with GermanPapa?

22 years in the market

Teaching German online/offline 22 years' experience, with award-winning public recognition.


A communicative approach to learning and manuals that provide guaranteed results

A unique teacher matching system

Match. Expert, a proprietary artificial intelligence technology that selects the teacher with whom you will achieve results more effectively

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