Student visa to Germany

When getting a student visa to Germany one of the most difficult stages for many is the interview at the embassy. The problem arises not so much at the level of language knowledge, but at the level of confusion in the formulation of the answer to certain questions of the embassy employee. Today we will tell you what you will most likely be asked at the embassy and what you should be prepared for.

Студенческая виза в Германию

Why do you want to study in Germany?

The embassy representative you are going to talk to may want to know if you have studied in Germany before and why you chose to study abroad. Feel free to talk about your study abroad experience, if you have had one. And German higher education is known for its strong academic programs. In addition, many universities offer the possibility of free or very inexpensive training for foreigners. You can mention all these facts in your answer and emphasize that you are interested in German (European) culture and history.

What do you know about Germany

It is important for the embassy officer to understand your understanding of Germany, its laws and traditions. In this case, no one will ask you for a detailed historical overview, it is enough to give the most general information from Wikipedia and mention a few popular attractions (the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, numerous castles) and major cities (Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Bremen, etc.). We recommend to pay attention to the system of territorial division of Germany into federal states.

Where did you study before

A seemingly trivial question, but it has deep meaning. It is important to emphasize in your answer the connection between your previous education and the one you intend to get in Germany. Of course, if you have just graduated from high school, you cannot fully justify your choice of university, although it is possible to note the specialization of high school, if such a division existed. If you have chosen a major that is radically different from what you previously received at your home institution, be sure to justify that decision.

Moreover, you may be asked to talk about some basic laws, theories, and scientists relevant to your chosen specialty. In this way, embassy officials want to make sure that your choice is an informed one. We therefore recommend that you research this information before your interview.

Choice of University

Next, the conversation may turn to the topic of choosing a particular college. Be prepared to answer the question of why you chose that particular university. The easiest way is to say that you thought about higher education abroad, studied options for a long time, and finally settled on a particular university after studying a lot of feedback from current students and alumni.

Examine the institution’s Internet site, as you may have to answer questions about the structure of its academic program, its teaching staff, the geographic location of its buildings, and other nuances. You may also be asked why you do not want to major in the same field in your home country.

Responding, you can talk about the difference in educational approaches in domestic and German universities, as well as compliment in favor of quality German education.

About German

We remind you that the purpose of the interview at the embassy is not only to get comprehensive answers to the questions asked, but also to assess the level of your language skills. Therefore, before your interview for a student visa to Germany, we recommend enrolling in German courses at GermanPapa. Once you have completed the GermanPapa course, you will be able to answer all your questions correctly and with good pronunciation, and you will be able to convey your thoughts in German to your interlocutor.

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