Our recruitment continues

GermanPapa is looking for German teachers

Сулимов Сергей

What do we offer to our employees

A reliable source of income

Since we are a reliable company, we pay monthly salaries anywhere you are located. On averege, teachers work with us for 2+ years.

Your office in your home

You can work from home, save time and money for the trip, and never get caught in the rain!

A library always at hand

You will receive all the teaching materials you will need and more. The methodology is based on modern authentic manuals.

Bonuses and loyalty programms

Starting from the first few months you will begin to receive bonuses for your active work. With long-term cooperation, we will pay for the international certificate of your choice.

Students are eager to learn

Our students are always motivated. Their goals are learning German for: work, studies, travel, and international exams.

Training and support

We regularly hold methodological webinars, where you can get acquainted with modern teaching techniques online for free. Managers and methodologists will constantly help you in the process.


What do we offer to our employees

You won't have to spend your time searching for students

Our courses are visited by over a 100.000 students

Teachers are spared from routine tasks

Homework is checked automatically

Work from the comfort of your home

All you need is a computer or a laptop and a stable internet connection

Stable payments

You will receive your salary twice a month without delay.

High-quality educational materials

They are regularly updated and fully disclose their topics

Bonuses for emplyees

Free training and other bonuses based on your performance


Frequently asked questions


Our teachers on average receive around 550 USD per month. But with an above average workload, your income will also grow, especially since you yourself choose your workload starting with12 hours a week.


The school takes on the tasks of finding students, preparing the necessary reports, paying taxes, and providing methodological support. At the same time, you will be able to regularly improve your skills for free thanks to our internal programs and speech clubs.


No one restricts teachers in using their own materials, but this is usually not required, since the school has enough materials for students of all levels and ages, and they are regularly updated and replenished.


Any technical problems that may occur in your online classes can be corrected at any time by our technical support service.


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